“Music is a safe kind of high.”

I totally agree with what Jimi Hendrix said. It’s like you have a soundtrack in every phase of your life. Whether you are happy, down, in love, or broken-hearted, the music is there. So, let me share top 5 songs in my playlist recently, including my favorite lyrics (if there is any). Enjoy! 🙂

1. Take me to church – Hozier: “Take me to church, I’ll worship like a dog. At the shrine of your lies, I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife. Offer me that deathless death. Good God, let me give you my life.” – It might sound to you like a blasphemy. Well, it depends on how you interpret it. Nuff said :).

2. I put a spell on you – Nina Simone: “I love you, I love you, I love you anyhow. And I don’t care, If you don’t want me. I’m yours right now.” – how can you not love the spirit? 🙂

3. Feel the love – Rudimental (ft. Ella Eyre): “You know I said it’s true. I can feel the love. Can you feel it too? I can feel it ah-ah. I can feel it ah-ah.” – It’s the only lyrics in the entire song. However, the instruments sound very classy. Plus, Ella’s voice is amazing.

4. Whiplash – OST Whiplash: Just close you eyes and listen.

5. Love should – Moby: “So we in sleep in bed we never make. Holding close to love, love should fade. Holding on to this is the best thing we’ll ever do.” People know that love should fade, yet they are still holding on to each other. How sweet it is?

Feel free to share your playlist with me :). Have a great weekend.

Well said! :)
Well said! 🙂

It isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle

“Earth to Dewi! Earth to Dewi.”

¡Hola! :). Gosh, it’s been awhile. Where was I? Well, doesn’t matter, I am here now :).

Society set their own stereotypes, yet they are so judgmental about it. You know what? Recently, I was hearing some people said to me:

“Why do you go to the gym so often? You’re skinny already.”

“Why do you eat so healthy food? You don’t enjoy life.”

Well, let me answer those questions and all the judgmental statements :). I go to the gym so often because it is my habit and I feel languid if I don’t do any exercise the whole week. So, I usually do some exercise three or four times a week. To avoid boredom, I diversify my exercise from Yoga to Body Combat, and also running.

And no, I am not skinny. I am in my ideal shape, I feel good about it, and I want to maintain it. And I noticed a glimpse in your eyes that deep down you want yourself at a better shape 🙂

The answer to the next question is that I believe in this statement, “You are what you eat.” So, I am trying (so hard) to apply clean eating on my everyday diet. It is not easy to do that since it is easier, faster, and (sometimes) also cheaper to get the unhealthy one. However, I tend to prepare my own meal during weekdays. The keys are substituting rice with healthier source of carbohydrate like brown rice and potato; eating more fruits and veggies; and drinking a lot of water. I also avoid deep frying food and sweets.

If you think I am tortured, you are wrong. I do have my cheating days during weekends when I can eat whatever I want, from the yummy street food to the creamiest ice cream, but of course in reasonable portion and I am enjoying my self with that.

Let me tell you a fact, I was a couch potato once, especially when I spent my great times studying in the Europe. Oh, I do remember all those local delicacies and cheap alcohol and how I ate and drank like #YOLO :D. Plus, the weather was too cold for me to exercise (Gee, that was an excuse). Well, as you all might predict, I gained (a lot) of weight back then. With my size, 8kgs extra meant a lot. At first, I didn’t care and I still felt good about it (Oh gosh, how could I?) until reality hit me. My friends often took me for a hike back then and I couldn’t keep pace with them (even just a small hike back from a secret beach). I felt uncomfortable by slowing them down. Second thing, I posted a photo on social media with my friends at the beach. No, nothing with bikini, just a decent photo at the beach with me wearing t-shirt and shorts. Surprisingly, it has invited some commenters commenting on my shape until I took that photo down :D. Now, I’d like to say thank you for all commenters on that photo, you are my motivators 😀 :D.


So, I started to change my lifestyle. Eat healthy, exercise more, and also decrease my alcohol intake. It wasn’t easy at all, but I managed and it became a lifestyle. Not only I feel healthier, but also stronger and faster. When I returned to Indonesia, I was in much better shape, and I also joined some running race. Can you imagine, from a couch potato to a 10K runner? I guess I can call that an achievement 🙂

Independence day run 2014
Independence Day Run 2014
Nike #BajakJKT10K 2013
Nike #BajakJKT10K 2013

For those who want to change a lifestyle, please do find your motivation, and be determined. This is just a sharing to remind us that when we feel like quitting, think about why we started. Cheerio! 🙂


“kreeen” (opening a rusty door).

“huff, huff” (blowing off spider webs).

Well, hello bright world! 🙂

Oh My God! It has been a year since my last blog post, which I just posted (It was about summer vacation 2013 and now is summer 2014 😐 ). What a total procrastinator! LOL :D.

This blog post called “Bersih-bersih”. It means “cleaning up”. Yes, we, Indonesians, are big fans of repeating words. As you might know it ;).

Many things happened since then. I was graduated from the life-changing program, Erasmus Mundus Masters in Forensic Science, got a serious-full time job as a research officer, missed my graduation ceremony in the UK :'(, Some of my classmates got married (yeay! 🙂 ), Some of my friends just had a baby, Some of my friends are abroad to pursue their higher degrees, Some are back, am into running now, and a lot more.

“Click.” And suddenly it’s August 2014. Just add 4 months, then 2014 will be gone. Hmm. Seems like I just woke up from a coma. Dude, what have I done?!?! *start panicking* hahaha :D.

As I am listening to Battle Studies album by John Mayer (fyi, am hooked on Edge of Desire song, yes, this act is involving repeat button abusement), I promise myself I will write on this blog more often. See you on the next post, good people. Stay hungry, stay foolish! 🙂

Summer Vacation: Bali & Gilis part #2

Hey world, let me continue my summer vacation story. Here we go…

I do love the ambience in Gili Air. When I was there, I felt like I was not in Indonesia, not only there were a lot of foreigner, but also the air I was breathing was so different than the air I usually breath in Jakarta. It was so fresh, clean, and the smell of the sea made me feel free. Well, since I am not really good with words, this song might help describing how free I felt there :). Enjoy the fun beat! :

Señoras y caballeros, No necesitan un reloj con minutero, y segundero.

I enjoyed the sun, did a little bit of snorkeling, and tried some water sports like Stand Up Paddling and Sea kayaking. I promised myself, when I finally master stand up paddling, I will do yoga on it. Yes, they have yoga ON that board while you are paddling around the sea. Awesome!

Stand Up Paddling
-Stand Up Paddling-
Sea Kayaking
Sea Kayaking


Summer Vacation: Bali & Gilis part #1

Hey world,

Few days ago I promised you to tell a story about my summer vacation. Here we go! 😀

When I was in England, I missed the sun very much. So, my friends and I started planning for summer vacation around April or May and our destination had been decided: Gili Islands. I had not been there before and one of my friend’s family, Audi, has a accommodation there. It is called Omah Gili.

Since I had to finish my degree before going home and of course, travel back home was such a long and exhausting trip, I decided to meet them there (They departed before me and spent some wonderful time in Lombok). It was a huge festive around the country (Eid Mubarak) and the transportation tickets were skyrocketed and I had to find some alternatives. So, Instead of buying Jakarta-Lombok return ticket, I bought Jakarta-Bali return ticket. Jakarta-Bali is usually cheaper than Jakarta-Lombok because the flights are more frequent. However, you should consider the fast boat price too. In my opinion, fast boat is the best option because for IDR 650,000 (Should be IDR 550,000 on low season) they provide pick-up service from your hostel/hotel to the harbor and vice versa. Otherwise, you have to pay around IDR 300,000 if you take taxi from the Ngurah Rai airport to Padang Bai harbor (please take into account that Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak are not too far from Ngurah Rai airport).

Oh, additional information regarding fast boat services:

1. Fast boat depends on the nature and it is something you can’t fight. Few days before I departed from Jakarta, the fast boat service told me that the weather and the sea were really bad and all the fast boat services were not allowed to go in the afternoon. My first plan was ruined. I supposed to be picked up at the airport by the fast boat service straight to the harbor and took the boat to cross in the afternoon. So, I changed my plan and stayed in Bali for a night. That was not a bad idea, I got to meet my friend’s family, Jojo, we had Ayam Betutu for dinner, It’s typical food from Bali, yum! Finally a proper chili 😀

The fast boat service told me that I had to be ready before 7am, I texted the contact person, and finally the pick up service came around 7.30 -.-“. My precious sleeping time… In the minibus, I chatted with one guy from San Sebastian, Spain. He went around Indonesia with his partner (he said pareja instead of novia). He told me that he preferred Ubud over Kuta and Seminyak. Ubud is more Balinese with paddy fields around you. So peaceful, while Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak is more touristy and lively. He also said that the traffic in Indonesian is amazing, people drive crazily, but he has hardly seen any accident and as we saw a police in the crowded traffic, he said ‘Mira! la policia no hace nada’ 😀 😀

In the boat, I sat next to one Italian who studies in Singapore. We had a conversation in English. He asked where I come from and how many days I would spend in Gili. It turned out that he went to Bali for few days and Gili for spear fishing. Once I felt I was not in Indonesia. Where was I again? :). The weather was so rubbish and the tides were so high. We stopped chatting as the boat movement got worse and all you could do were fighting your headache and nausea, and pray perhaps…

2. Make sure your fast boat can take you to the right Gili! :D. I supposed to arrived at Gili Air, but since my friend, Varian, was the one who bought a ticket for me, he didn’t pay attention that much. The fast boat that I took only goes to Gili Trawangan, so I had to take another boat. There are several options and people there always try to rob you. For example, you can rent a a private boat, you can wait for hop on-hop off boat that costs around IDR 30,000 but only departs twice a day: 10am and 16pm. Unfortunately, I departed at Gili Trawangan around 11.30am and I was so fu**kin’ tired. I just wanted to meet my friends and rest). So, I smuggled myself into another fast boat that would go to Gili Air. My one and only fault was I asked for the price before I got into the boat and they charged me IDR 100,000 (LADRONES!) I bargained, but the guy was angry and scolded me, in Bahasa of course, but more or less like this: if you want to get into the boat, just pay, don’t talk too much. What a bastard. When I got into the boat I told them that I would be off at Gili Air and the crews said: OK, pay IDR 50,000 (It was half the price I paid! -.-” JODER). I was pissed! so I yelled: “They charged me IDR 100,000 before. Liars!” with one intention: so they would fight over the money when they knew their friends got IDR 100,000 from me. Bastards. Muahahahahaha *evil laugh*, but anyway, I had to let it go, there was no way those people ruining my summer holidays 🙂 :). I sat on the deck, enjoy the magnificent view and of course, the sun. Zen…

As we reach the beach of Gili Air, the boat was slower down and I could wait to meet my friends, Audi and Lieke were there. in the harbor. picked me up.

Finally, Omah Gili, Gili Air…

Omah Gili
Omah Gili

to be continued…

So Long, England :’)

Hello readers,

I am back! I intended to write just when I arrived home, but something came up. Honestly, I had a very nice holiday to Gili Islands for about a week, followed by horrible Dengue fever that paralyzed me for about 2 weeks. Well, you know you are in Indonesia when your disease no longer just common cold, but Dengue Fever. Thanks, mosquitos! That’s a remarkable welcome LOL 😀 😀

I will tell you those stories in another post :). Now I will share my experience of my almost one day and a half trip to home :). Guess most of you have known that I was in England for the past year and now that I have finished my study, I planned to return home to embrace the real summer 😉 and continue my life (why it becomes so deep, LOL :D). I had my defense on July 25th and my flight was on July 29th. Yes, It was pretty tight and I would like to applaud myself cause I made it! YAY \(^0^)>, barely, but made it! 😀 😀

However, the farewell was hard. I had to say goodbye with my housemate for 2 years, friends, coursemates, and all the good people I met in Europe, but life must go on and I do believe we will meet again someday cause it’s a small world after all. Cheers 😀

Well, I had to deal with the shipping company, with my embassy (here’s the adrenaline rush: I travelled on Monday but I had not gotten my passport back on Friday. Thanks to Royal Mail! I finally got it on Saturday afternoon :D), with some online shops (my dress came on Monday before noon, just few hours before I had to leave the house), and all the movers nightmare: PACKING!  (It was crazily done! with a lot of rubbish left and I didn’t get chance to drop my things for charity. But Thanks to my Landlord, he’s the most helpful and easy going landlord I’ve ever come across. He told us to leave the rubbish in the hallway if we didn’t get chance to throw and I politely asked him if he could help me drop the things for charity. I hope he wouldn’t mind. Thanks, David! 🙂 )

I left home around 3.15 pm to train station with help from Lidia and Sammy. Thanks, fellas! :D. My luggages were unbelievably heavy. After Lincoln Central Station, They would be all my burden! Yes, they were. I had 1 big suitcase, 1 small suitcase, 1 rucksack, 1 camera bag, and 1 plastic bag with me. I don’t know how I successfully carried everything alone :D. Guess Angels were everywhere. Thanks, Universe! 🙂

Newark Northgate Station was my first struggle. Lucky that I didn’t have to use the stairs to another platform. My second struggle was London Kings Cross. I realized that I walked like a f**kin’ snail :D. I finally reached metro station, sometimes some people stopped and helped me. Thank you! I received a lot of help from strangers since they saw I barely lifted my huge suitcase up to the train and hell, London was not my playground and the tube is the most confusing tube I’ve ever encountered in Europe. I was twice in the wrong train to Heathrow Terminal 4!  Yes, only in London tube you can be in the right line but wrong train hahaha, down and up and down and up again. Fiuh! what a hard work 😀 :D.

Arrived in Heathrow, I was happy to find a technology called trolley :D. I put everything and I pushed it to the check in counter for Qatar Airways. I got pretty generous checked in baggage allowance since I bought student ticket from STA Travel (30kgs instead of the usual 23 kgs and 7 kgs of 1 piece hand luggage excluding camera bag and woman hand bag) but I knew I would exceeded, somehow. I was right. I checked in both suitcases and they exceeded around 7 kg and the man in the counter looked unhappy when he saw my hand luggage, he asked me to weight it too and of course it was more than 7 kg, it was 11 to be exact. He asked what’s in plastic bag and I answered: snacks. Actually, I had over 50kgs luggages with me (Wish I had taken a picture for a proof ;)). Miraculously, he only charged me 7 kg of exceed baggages and let me pass with the overweight rucksack. It costed 11 GBP per kg, but I couldn’t complain :)).

The flight from London to Doha was smooth. I slept most of the time because it was sleeping time :). I only woke up when it was time to eat :P. Doha was 3 hours ahead from London (another time zone) and I had to wait around 3 hours before  I continued my journey to Jakarta. Honestly, Doha International Airport is not as nice as Dubai International Airport. I decided to pay for lounge because I wanted to rest and freshened up before the next long flight. Oh, you could have free meals too :). The facility was good enough and the price was reasonable. The receptionist lady thought that I was a Nepali! :D. That’s quite far, Ma’am :D.

I met my friend, Gemma, in the flight from Doha to Jakarta. She is a stewardess for Qatar Airways :). I was happy saw her working :). I was chatting with her in the galley when she didn’t work. The cabin crews were nice and friendly. My window seat was taken by an Indonesian Female Worker (TKW). I told her that that was my seat but she insisted. I didn’t want to fight over seat so that I didn’t ask her to move. In the middle of the flight, she was not feeling well and annoyingly had to go to the loo back and forth so that I had to stand up again and again so she could pass. She even spilled orange juice to me (oh, bugger! :D). Well, it didn’t bother me that much and I kept enjoying my flight.

Ahh before I forget, just some note to Qatar Airways. The movie collection they had was fine, but the sound system and the headset was a bummer. I could still hearing the noise when I wore the headset and the sound produced from the movie was not good, I even tried plugging my own headset, but still. I hope in the future they could provide better entertainment in the flight, especially for economy class. When the seat is not that comfortable to sleep, you can only rely on entertainment system. However, you can’t. That’s a pity.

At the airport, I had to wait for a long time for my luggages. 30 minutes or so until they came up. Well, didn’t matter. I was home anyway :). When I went out from the airport to the car, the heat and the humidity stroke me right away and I knew I was home! 😀

Stay tune for my summer holiday story! 🙂

Have a great day, folks! Keep spreading love.



York pt.2: The wanderlust experience

As I mentioned before, I rewarded myself for a nice walk around York. Too bad that I only had more or less 4 hours until my train departed back to Lincoln.

According to the receptionist lady, I should walked around to city center and to National Railway Museum because it’s free and it’s located just behind the train station. However, I was interested to visit York’s Chocolate Story since I found out that actually York is well known as the home of chocolate and I am a chocolate lover ;).

It took me more or less 20 minutes to walk from the Hotel to the city center. The city center is still preserved the classic British Architecture, the same style can be found in another city like Oxford or Cambridge. I walked along the Bridge Street where Bridals are common along the street (Elicita, I wish you were with me in York so that You could have tried all the wedding dress you like ;)). Speaking of wedding, I got an impression that York people love to get married :). I met two or three groups who had a bachelor party. In the UK, it’s very common to see people who had a bachelor/bachelorette party with unique and fun costumes walk around the city. For instance, a woman wears a shocking pink t-shirt written “Bride to Be” and another woman in the group wears a neon pink t-shirt written “Mother of the Bride”. Oh, I encountered a group of men in suits and one “supposed to be woman” in wedding gown. I was behind them and I noticed “the lady” walked very masculine (we call it “ngengkang” in Indonesian :D). I tried to pass them just to fulfill my curiosity. Voila! “she” is actually a man with a tattoo on his arm. haha! Epic! I wanted to take a picture of him, but I couldn’t because he became an attraction and other people started taking photos with him 🙂

In my opinion, York is just lovely. I stopped for a while in Ouse Bridge to take photos of River Ouse. I don’t know, but I had an impression of River Seine in Paris when I looked River Ouse, the smaller version of course. Since it was a sunny day in the UK (Hallelujah! :)), there were a lot of people sitting by the river just to enjoy the sun.

River Ouse, York
-River Ouse, York-

I continued my journey through Low Ousegate and encountered a bunch of talented street musician of York. I was amazed with one group of young musicians who played Viva La Vida by Coldplay with saxophone and flute. Later on, I arrived in the maze part of the city. It wasn’t easy to find the York’s Chocolate Story. Although, it is written in the brochure: King’s Square. When I arrived in King’s Square, It’s only a square. It turned out there is a street called King’s Square which is about 2 blocks from the actual King’s Square -.-“.

The ticket is not that cheap. Concession ticket costs £8.50 and I just found out that you’ll get 15% discount if you book online. What did I get in the visit? Well, It was a fully guided tour. I learned a lot of history of chocolate. I will tell you a bit: Coco beans are originated from Central America. It was brought to Europe by Spanish, then spread to France, Italy, and England. In its origin, people used to kill each other for coco beans :(. Do you know that big brands like: Kit Kat, Aero, and Smarties are from York? You might ask some questions like I did: Aren’t those brands owned by Nestle, the Swiss company? Yes, they are. However, they were invented by Rowntree’s . Trivia: Do you know which country consumes the highest number of Kit Kat? :).

Not only history, I also learned what they do in chocolate factory. There are 3 main materials of chocolate: Coco beans, milk, and sugar and they have been through some complicated process to produce the delicious chocolate that we eat nowadays. Do you know how Lindt found their thin and smooth chocolate. It’s simply because one staff forgot to turn off the mixing machine on Friday and when he returned the next Monday, he got the thiner and smoother texture of chocolate.

Next, we also got a chance to decorate our own chocolate lollipop. While waiting our chocolate lollipop to be frozen, we saw the process of making blueberry filling chocolate. It looked easy, guys. First, cast the under layer with chocolate. Then, add the blueberry cream. After that, add the upper layer. Wait for a while and Voila! :).

Not only chocolate lollipop, we also did a bunch of chocolate testing, like the last blueberry filling chocolate I mentioned before. It tasted nice! So, I suggest that you visit this museum after lunch :). You’ll get a free (well, not so free because you have to pay the ticket :D) dessert! 🙂

-Up: York's Chocolate Story- -Down: my decorated chocolate lollipop-
-Up: York’s Chocolate Story-
-Down: my decorated chocolate lollipop-

The chocolate tour lasted around 1.5 hours. I decided to walk back to the hotel and pick my stuff there. I took the short cut that been mentioned earlier by the receptionist lady. I assumed it is a secret path since not so many people discover that. I had to ask one man because I got confuse in the halfway and he told me the long way, he didn’t know what there is a shot cut. Haha. Glad I found it and arrived quite early in the train station. I visited the National Railway Museum and saw trains over time. Too bad that the museum closed in a few minutes after I arrived. I couldn’t see much there.

I waited for about half an hour in the platform and there was the end of my short journey in York. I wish I could go back. I saw some nice tourist destinations in the brochure, such as: York Haunted House and York Castle.

So Long, York 🙂